The Sleepyhead

Even if you are a very new parent, I’m sure you’ll already be aware of the struggle most face when it comes to settling a baby in a cot. Newborns, especially, don’t like the sensation of open space around them which is often encountered in cots or moses baskets.  During their time in the womb, they take the fetus/flexed position (knees and arms tucked in). They are surrounded by warm water and can hear constant background noise as well as the maternal heartbeat. Therefore, once born and in their strange new environment, they must learn to adapt. screen-shot-2017-02-11-at-14-53-20

One product which I have seen particularly effective is called ‘The Sleepyhead’. Made in Sweden, they retail for around £100 when bought new (I’m sure similar products from other brands are available). This is an item which does require splashing out, however, but from experience I’ve never been disappointed. It is usually used for babies from 0-36 months and the outer ring can be adjusted in relation to your baby/toddler’s size. They have a fully removal cover meaning you can bung it in the washing machine whenever required. They are also easily transportable meaning if you’re staying with friends, or going away, you can shove it in the car without any hassle.

This product allows the baby to feel cradled, as though being held. It prevents
them from experiencing that sense of excess space which often causes them to cry. I would recommend just using this at night however, as then they begin to understand that once they are experiencing this cradling sensation that its bed time. This may help to create a night time routine, however, it’s worth noting that routines do take time (further blog post relating to this is to come!)


This is not a sponsored post, I’m only recommending it due to experience.


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